MexxWoman Classic Citrus & Sandalwood Refreshing Body Spray

Mexx Woman Classic Citrus & Sandalwood Refreshing Body Spray
Mexx Woman Classic Citrus & Sandalwood Refreshing Body Spray
250 ml

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Description Mexx Woman Classic Citrus & Sandalwood

Surround yourself with a fragrance that will make you feel wonderful all day long. Mexx Woman Classic Citrus & Sandalwood body spray for women is an expression of optimism and perfect happiness.

  • citrus fragrance
  • woody fragrance
  • clean fresh fragrance
  • fresh fragrance, ideal for hot weather
  • suitable for everyday wear

Important warnings

Keep out of reach of children. Flammable. Avoid contact with eyes.
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Fragrance category
citrus, woody

About the brand Mexx

Mexx I perfumes | The successful designer Rattan Chadha, who started selling his own fashion collection in the Netherlands in 1970, is behind this brand. The current name came along sixteen years later, when two previously independent brands, Moustache (for men – M) and Emmanuelle (for women – E) were joined, with ‘XX’ symbolising two kisses. Nowadays, Mexx products are available in over 55 countries worldwide.
Mexx draws inspiration from the bustle of cities that never sleep. Alongside clothing and quality cosmetics, they also have prescription glasses, sunglasses, and other accessories. The scents on which Mexx collaborates with successful perfumers such as Benoist Lapouza and Nathalie Lorson are very fresh and lively and exude a youthful energy.
The company’s philosophy is based on these seven values: intelligence, enthusiasm, energy, honesty, authenticity, positivity, and diversity. It is interesting that Mexx attaches great importance to environmental protection and is also interested in animal welfare – for example, it recently temporarily suspended the collection of angora (in response to shocking videos from some rabbit farms).
In addition to perfumes Mexx also offers shower gels, body lotions, aftershave lotions, etc. The main target group for Mexx is younger people, which is also reflected in the packaging of the products mentioned. If you consider yourself an optimist with a free spirit and want to underline your individuality even more, Mexx is just right for you.
Mexx is sure to appeal to anyone who is sporty, wants to live life to the full and have fun, and is not seeking luxury but a modern fragrance for a reasonable price.

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