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Milk Shake Lifestyling Curvy defining cream for curly hair
Milk Shake Lifestyling Curvy defining cream for curly hair

Milk ShakeLifestyling Curvy defining cream for curly hair

150 ml

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For curly or wavy hair to look cared for and show off its unique shape, it’s imperative to provide it with targeted care. Do exactly that with the Milk Shake Curl Perfectionist defining cream. It contains carefully chosen natural ingredients which together define and intensify each individual wave or curl. After use, your hair will be smoother, softer and shinier.


  • defines waves and curls, highlights their shape
  • smooths and prevents frizz
  • leaves hair soft and shiny
  • long-lasting effects


  • quinoa proteins – protect hair colour and prevent fading, ensure easy styling and deliver shine to your hair
  • chestnut extract – protects hair against the effects of high temperatures, repairs hair fibres, prevents dehydration without weighing hair down
  • apple, lemon and blueberry extracts – protect, nourish and soften hair
  • Integrity 41® – ingredients sourced from sunflower seeds, rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, protect hair against free radicals and oxidation

How to apply:
Apply the Milk Shake cream to wet hair and adjust according to need.


Hair typecurly and wavy hair
EffectsWave definition, Nourishing
Scalp skin typeall scalp types