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Millefiori Milano Lime & Vetiver fragrance oil
Millefiori Milano Lime & Vetiver fragrance oil
Top notes
Lime, Bitter Orange, Freesia
Middle notes
Sichuan Pepper, Petitgrain, Wild Mandarin
Base notes
Vetiver, Grey Amber
Character of home fragrancewoody, citrus, fresh, spicy

You can change the scent of your home as often as you want to – and Millefiori Milano Lime & Vetiver scented oil is the perfect product for this task. With only a few drops, the charming and delicate aroma starts getting released into the air and fills every room while caressing your senses.


  • citrus fragrance
  • a spicy aroma
  • a woody fragrance

How to use:
Judge the amount of oil you need by the required intensity of your home fragrance. Follow the instructions included. The length of time the scent will be released for depends on the temperature, ventilation and the placement of the aroma source.

MillefioriMilano Lime & Vetiver fragrance oil

15 ml

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Wednesday 24/07/2024
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Wednesday 24/07/2024