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Minions Battery Toothbrush children's battery toothbrush
Minions Battery Toothbrush children's battery toothbrush
Type of power supplybattery
Fairy-tale motifMinions

The Minions Battery Toothbrush electric toothbrush cleans children’s teeth quickly, gently and reliably.


  • protects against tooth decay
  • removes food remnants and discolouration caused by drinks and sweets from children’s teeth
  • has a fun design for children
  • cleans children’s teeth even in hard-to-reach places
  • cleaning is convenient, fast and fun
  • comfortable to hold in the hand

How to use:
Apply the brush to the teeth one by one, do not push down too hard and let the brush work. Use a toothpaste for children that increases the efficiency of the brush for best results.

MinionsBattery Toothbrush children's battery toothbrush

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