MIXA Atopiance

Cosmetic Set I.

MIXA Atopiance Cosmetic Set I.
MIXA Atopiance Cosmetic Set I.
MIXA Atopiance Cosmetic Set I.
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This set contains: Calming Body Balm for Very Dry and Atopy Prone Skin 400 ml + Soothing Moisturizer for Face and Eyes for Dry and Intolerant Skin 50 ml

Wednesday, 7/25/2018


for all ages
Complexion type
atopic, dry, very dry
Skin type
atopic, dry, dry to very dry

About the brand MIXA

The French brand Mixa was originally created in a pharmaceutical environment as cosmetics aimed solely at children’s sensitive skin. The name Mixa comes from the Latin term ‘miscere’, which can be more freely translated as ‘creating a mix of the right ingredients’.
Mix uses only the most valuable active substances for its cosmetic products, such as Pro-Retinol, almond oil, oat milk, vitamins, and more. The products do not contain undesirable irritants such as parabens, alcohol, or colourants. This makes Mixa cosmetics highly effective while preventing allergic reactions.
The company has gradually expanded its range from being exclusively for children to include products for adults. Trust the French brand Mixa with its proven history since 1924! Their range does not only include baby care cleaning products; there are also anti-wrinkle products and the popular BB creams.