Mondial Brush Cosmetic Set I. for Men

Mondial Brush Cosmetic Set I. for Men
Mondial Brush Cosmetic Set I. for Men
Cosmetic Set I. for Men

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Comb + Beard Brush

Tuesday 27/04/2021
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Tuesday 27/04/2021

Description Mondial Brush

This is a product to help you style your look every day.

The set contains:

  • Comb
  • Beard Brush


  • detangles and smooths your beard/moustache
  • comfortable to hold in the hand
  • guaranteed to make an amazing gift

How to use:
Use every product from the cosmetic set according to the instructions.


Type of set
Travel Set

About the brand Mondial

Turn your shaving routine into moments of real pleasure with Mondial! This luxury Italian brand offers professional grooming product for everyone. Mondial products combine Italian tradition with modern flair and they’re popular among the best barbers in the world.

Mondial was founded in 1908 in Florence, a centre of renaissance arts and culture as well as craftsmanship. Here, in a small workshop, the first handmade shaving brushes and razors saw the light of day and quickly became popular both in Italy and abroad.

These days, the Mondial shaving products are available all around the world. Mondial products are made with Italian passion and impeccable craftsmanship with an attention to detail. Mondial offers shaving creams and soaps, razors, shaving brushes and after-shave lotions.

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