Montale Sliver Aoud Eau de Parfum for Men

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      Lily Of The Valley, Vetiver, Lavender, Cedar, Lemon, Geranium, Agar Wood, Tonka Beans, Rosemary

      Montale Sliver Aoud is an aromatic, spicy-woody fragrance for men with a major chord of oud wood, complemented by floral tones. This eau de parfum by this French perfume producer, known for its love of the aromas from the Orient and Arabia and their magic history, offers a classic, yet modern interpretation of oud wood with an oriental and exotic note. Just like every fragrance by Montale, Sliver Aoud was created by admired and rather mysterious Pierre Montale who made it original to evoke a mysterious elixir or a precious magical ointment.

      Sliver Aoud eau de parfum symbolizes magic lavender and beautiful lily of the valley in combination with rosemary and Calabrian lemon. The magic of oud wood is strengthened by Haitian vetiver, cedar wood from Virginia, and Egyptian pelargonium - all these in a powdery-sweet enchanting aroma of tonka beans. The overall aromatic composition of Montal Sliver Aoud thus makes an exotic, unique, and brave impression. Just like every aromatic product by Pierre Montale, Sliver Aoud is formed by natural materials of the best quality in high concentrations to make them last incredibly long.

      Montale Sliver Aoud offers an irresistible fusion of classic and modern aspects, of the West and Orient. It looks like Pierre Montale, the founder and creator of all the perfumes in its portfolio, during his stay in Saudi Arabia obtained mysterious skills of an oriental magician. In this case, he created an amazing perfume in which aromatic tones with deep chords of oud wood merge. A fragrance combining luxury, sensuality, elegance, and exoticity with freshness and a bit of earthiness.

      Sliver Aoud is suitable for any season and it's an ideal perfume both for day and evening occasions. This eau de parfum forever wins hearts of the men who like the aroma of oud wood, mainly in innovative compositions. Everybody who appreciates true quality and loves the breath of the magic of the history of the Orient should give it a try. Besides their amazing aromas with perfectly balanced aromatic compositions, all the perfumes by Montale draw your attention also by their original packages. Its design is fascinating thanks to its straightforward, pure elegance, while in case of Sliver Aoud it's underlined by a beautiful red and gold color, and their flacons are unique also thanks to the practical choice of their material - Pierre Montale chose aluminium to provide perfect protection for the perfumes.

      Montale Sliver Aoud – the magic of oud wood in an encounter of the West and Orient.

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