Montale So Flowers Eau de Parfum for Women Sample

  • Montale So Flowers Eau de Parfum for Women  Sample
  • Montale So Flowers Eau de Parfum for Women  Sample 1

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    Hyacinth, Jasmine, Musk, Rose, Ylang-Ylang

    Montale So Flowers is a floral fragrance for women. This Eau de Parfum from a French perfume brand which is noted for its love of fragrances from the Orient and Arabia and for its interest in their enchanting history offers the magic of a wonderful floral bouquet. As with all the fragrances from the Montale brand, the greatly admired, yet somewhat enigmatic Pierre Montale has given the So Flowers Eau de Parfum an original character evoking a miraculous elixir or a rare magical salve.

    The So Flowers Eau de Parfum presents the aromatic tones of irises, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose absolute and hyacinth, resting on a sensual base of musk. The overall composition exudes powerful magic, while the delicacy of the complex floral aspect and the base further add to its attractiveness. The aroma of the delicately powdery, elegant iris, the deeply green hyacinth, the intoxicating sweet jasmine, the exotic ylang-ylang and the timeless grace and freshness of the popular rose merge wonderfully in perfectly balanced and complex harmony. Like all of Pierre Montale’s fragrant creations, So Flowers has been created using natural materials of the highest quality and in high concentrations which ensure that the fragrance has a long-lasting effect.

    The incredibly attractive Montale So Flowers Eau de Parfum creates an aura of harmonic attractiveness and discreet sensuality around its wearer. Pierre Montale has created a perfume which is highly feminine and attractive, yet timeless and elegant, as if the time he spent in Saudi Arabia had imbued the brand’s founder and the creator of all the perfumes in its portfolio with the mysterious abilities of an Oriental sorcerer. You will never forget the So Flowers fragrance by Montale, just as you will never forget the woman who wears it.

    The So Flowers Eau de Parfum can be worn throughout the entire year, but it stands out best in the warmer months. It is an ideal daily perfume which will brighten up every day for its wearer thanks to its delicacy and depth. The Montale So Flowers Eau de Parfum will appeal to women who like floral fragrances, especially in imaginative compositions. This Eau de Parfum should also be tried by every lady who appreciates real quality combined with originality.

    In addition to magical scents with masterfully balanced aromatic compositions, all the perfumes by Montale also come with captivating, original packaging. The design is enchanting thanks to its straightforward and pure elegance, which, in the case of So Flowers, has been enhanced with the use of a beautiful distinctive pink colour scheme, while the practical selection of the material also makes the flacon unique. Pierre Montale has made the original choice of an aluminium flacon which provides the perfume with perfect protection.

    Montale So Flowers – a wonderful bouquet of flowers with a touch of sensual musk.

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