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moremo Hair Essence Delightful Oil light oil for dry ends
moremo Hair Essence Delightful Oil light oil for dry ends
Does not contain sulphates.
Hair typecoloured hair, all hair types
Type of oilalmond, argan, other herbal oils, avocado oil
EffectsHydration, Shine and softness, Split ends prevention, For easy combing, Hair smoothening
Scalp skin typeall scalp types
Hair problembrittle hair and split ends, damaged hair, dry hair
Does not containsulphate-free

Witness your hair's glow and vitality come alive with every use. moremo Hair Essence Delightful Oil elevates your hair's radiance to new heights; this exquisite leave-on oil essence unveils a world of luminosity and care for all hair types, igniting a new era of hair glow.


  • gentle and mild leave-on oil essence
  • versatile solution that caters to every strand
  • revitalizes damaged hair while thwarting tangles for effortless maintenance
  • creates wonderful gloss and shine without any sticky residue
  • tailored for all hair types


  • 8-nutrition oil complex – each oil brings its unique nourishing prowess to the fore, imbuing your hair with vitality
  • free from parabens, sulfates, tar colors, and mineral oil

How to apply:
Choose to indulge your hair's brilliance either BEFORE or AFTER styling and blow-drying. Apply an appropriate amount of the essence onto your hair, paying special attention to areas that yearn for tender care.

moremoHair Essence Delightful Oil light oil for dry ends

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