Baby Scissors and Manicure Kits for Babies

Manicure Tools for Babies

Your baby’s delicate fingernails deserve the most tender care possible! Get a special pair of little scissors fo babies, or a handy baby manicure set with nail clippers and a little nail file.

Why Get Special Scissors for Baby Nails?

Nail scissors for babies will help you trim your kid’s fingernails safely and easily from the day they’re born, because the high-quality steel with a special coating and a round tip minimises any chance of injury. Remember to never use standard nail scissors for grown-ups on small children!

Discover Manicure Kits for Babies

A handy manicure kit for children will include all the essentials and can be easily packed for travel. A smaller kit usually contains a baby nail file and nail clippers while larger sets include things like a baby hair brush, baby toothbrush, baby thermometer or a nasal aspirator to help you take care of your baby every single day!

How to Trim your Baby’s Nails

You should start trimming your baby’s nails during the six weeks following the birth, ideally while your kid is asleep to prevent any sudden movements.

  • Don’t forget to sanitise the baby scissors before every use.
  • Start by trimming any longer nails with baby nail clippers.
  • Then carefully trim your baby’s delicate nails with rounded scissors.
  • Finally, use a special nail file to smooth down and shape the nails which prevents accidental scratches.
  • Baby scissors should be used only under the supervision of an adult.

Good nail scissors for newborns and baby nail clippers are an essential part of your baby starter kit from the moment your child is born. Discover other key products such as baby wipes or soft baby towels!