Baby Towels and Washcloths

Soft Baby Towels and Baby Washcloths

Make bath time even more enjoyable and discover silky soft baby towels made of quality materials that don’t irritate your kid’s sensitive skin! They’re great for drying your kid’s skin after a bath, or for protecting them from getting cold. Colourful baby towels and handy baby washcloths with cute patterns are definitely an essential part of a baby kit.

How to Choose a Baby Towel

Want a baby towel with a hood, with animal pictures, or a soft multi-purpose towel? If you want the best for your kid after a warm bath, focus especially on the right material, size and cut of the towel.   

Baby Towel Materials

  • Bamboo baby towel: Bamboo fibre is exceptionally soft and durable, which gives bamboo baby towels amazing softness and fluffiness that won’t go away even with frequent use.
  • Cotton baby towel: Cotton always ensures high absorption of water and it maintains its shape. A cotton towel can be also used as a shield from the sun or as a bed sheet for the pram.
  • Terry-cloth baby towel: Terry cloth is very absorbent, quickly wicks the moisture away and offers a nice warm touch. However, this light baby towel might start feeling rough over time.

Baby Towel Designs

  • Standard baby towels are very popular because they can be used in multiple ways – after a bath or as a light blanket.
  • Baby towels with a hood come in many different colours for girls and boys and you’ll appreciate them from the first use. The cute little hood gently dries your baby’s hair and covers their head and ears to keep them warm and cosy.
  • Baby towel poncho can be easily worn around the baby’s neck to prevent it from sliding down. Some ponchos also have a hood to help you dry your baby’s delicate hair. A poncho towel is especially great for a day at the beach.

Baby Washcloths

Soft washcloths are an absolute necessity any time you want to give your baby a bath. They usually come in sets and can be used even on the smallest babies. Unless the manufacturer states otherwise, you should wash the washcloth at 60 °C after a maximum of 3 uses.

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