Environmentally Friendly Nappies

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Find out about the benefits of easily biodegradable eco-nappies and their benefits – from environmentally friendly technologies and materials to keeping your baby dry, safe and comfortable at all times.

Disposable Eco-friendly Nappies and Their Benefits 

Disposable eco-nappies offer a lovely compromise between standard single-use nappies and those made of cloth. Biodegradable nappies feel nice and gentle on the sensitive skin of your child and have extra soft elastics to keep your baby comfortable without any pinching. What else will you love about them?

  • They have a lower content of synthetically made materials than standard nappies.
  • They’re free of dangerous or environmentally unfriendly substances.
  • Most of the materials are easily biodegradable.
  • They’re made of natural materials obtained from renewable sources, plus they use recycled materials.
  • They’re bleached with hot air instead of chlorine.
  • Eco-friendly nappies are hypoallergenic.
  • They’re highly absorbent and just as comfortable and easy to use as standard nappies.

Eco-friendly nappies designed for single use are comfortable, they don’t pollute the environment, and they make both babies and their parents happier. Visit notino.co.uk to discover a broad selection of eco nappies with their playful designs and lovely materials!