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NEONAIL You're a Goddess gel nail polish
NEONAIL You're a Goddess gel nail polish
Type of Nail Varnishgel, UV/LED polish

Unlock endless possibilities with this double-sided, 2x thicker, and 2x stronger magnet. NEONAIL Magnet for Cat Eye features a rectangular tip that attracts a swarf and a precise round tip that repels particles. When applied to our hybrid varnishes from the "Cat Eye" series, prepare to be amazed by the phenomenal waves and shining magnetic particles on your nails. This magnet is essential for achieving the mesmerizing "cat's eye" effect.


  • 2x thicker and 2x stronger for enhanced performance
  • double-sided magnet for versatile nail designs
  • rectangular tip attracts swarf, while the round tip repels particles
  • essential for achieving the mesmerizing "cat's eye" effect
  • allows for unconventional decorations in various styles
  • each layer of varnish brings surprising and unique effects
  • fun and easy to apply, giving your nails a standout look

How to use:
Gently polish the nail with a polishing block to create a smooth surface. Apply a thin layer of Hard Base and cure it in a 48W LED lamp or 36W UV lamp based on the provided table. Choose a dark color (preferably black) for the hybrid varnish, apply a layer, and cure it in an LED lamp or UV lamp following the table. For more color depth, repeat the procedure. Apply the "CAT EYE" in your chosen color and place the magnet about 5 mm away from the nail. Cure it in an LED lamp or UV lamp as per the table. Achieve a captivating gloss by applying a layer of HARD TOP. Cure it in an LED lamp or UV lamp, then rinse with a cleaner for a dazzling finish.

NEONAILYou're a Goddess gel nail polish

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