NeoStrata Skin ActiveNight Cream for Mature Skin

NeoStrata Skin Active Night Cream for Mature Skin
NeoStrata Skin Active Night Cream for Mature Skin
50 g

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Product description NeoStrata Skin Active

The fight against ageing calls for the most reliable ingredients. The NeoStrata Skin Active restorative night cream promotes skin cell regeneration effectively and visibly firms the skin. You’ll be looking at a more beautiful reflection every morning.


  • takes great care of loose and ageing skin
  • restores the skin's firmness and tightens it
  • prevents oxidative damage to the skin
  • the skin looks brighter and more youthful

Main ingredients:

  • 5% glycolic acid – stimulates collagen production
  • 5% gluconolactone – maintains the skin’s elasticity
  • 5% maltobionic acid
  • Swiss apple and pomegranate extract
  • peptides – reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles
  • Chardonnay grape seed extract
  • Açaí berry extract

How to use:
Apply the cream at night to a thoroughly cleansed face or neck and massage it gently into the skin. You may feel a slight tingling sensation or peeling of the skin. If these sensations become uncomfortable, reduce the frequency of use to every second day. If you have sensitive skin, during the first two weeks use the product every other day. Then you can proceed to apply it every day.


Complexion type
all skin types
Anti-ageing, Revitalisation
When to use

About the brand NeoStrata

Welcome your new, healthy, radiant, and youthful skin. NeoStrata beauty is a scientifically backed and clinically tested skin care recommended by experts around the world. Discover its ability to effectively prevent and solve specific skin issues.

The founders of the brand, Dr. Van Scott and Dr. Yu, are two world-renowned experts in dermatology. They are the ones who created the NeoStrata exfoliator, the first product of its kind to use glycolic acid. Later in 1974, they discovered the power of alpha hydroxy acids and designed the NeoStrata AHA cream which represents a ground-breaking point in anti-ageing skin care.

Today’s NeoStrata products not only combat signs of ageing, but make skin visibly smoother, renewed, and clean while improving its quality in many other aspects. They help with hyperpigmentation, extreme dryness, sun damage, rosacea, and acne. Experience the dramatic change in your skin’s appearance and quality with NeoStrata.

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