Neutrogena NordicBerry Nourishing Hand Cream

  • Neutrogena NordicBerry Nourishing Hand Cream

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    Neutrogena NordicBerry Hand Cream brings unique nutrition and intense hydration to your dry hands. It has a light, non-oily texture which is quickly absorbed. It enhances the skin's hydration levels up to three times and transforms dry hands into soft and smooth ones every day. The unique Norwegian formula combines hydrating and moisturizing agents with a Nordic berry extract. These agents make the skin supple and protect it from climatic aggressions. NordicBerry Hand Cream has a fruity scent with hints of apple, red fruit, rose and bergamot. Developed with dermatologists.

    Neutrogena Nourishing Hand cream will show you how to have beautiful hands!


    • intensely nourishes

    • hydrates

    • repairs dry/damaged skin

    • softens and refines

    • protects the skin from sun, cold and wind


    • Glycerin – ensures an optimum hydration level and revives the appearance of the skin

    • Nordic Berry/Fruit Extract (Red Fruit, Apple, Bergamot etc.) – has a protective and anti-oxidant effect

    • Shea Butter – protects the skin from environmental aggressions, regenerates, hydrates, increases elasticity, slows down the process of aging

    Skin type:

    Ideal for dry skin.

    How to use:

    Apply a sufficient amount of the product onto your hands and massage it into skin. Suitable for everyday use.

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