Nina Ricci Nina

Body Lotion for Women 200 ml

Nina Ricci Nina Body Lotion for Women 200 ml
Nina Ricci Nina Body Lotion for Women 200 ml
Nina Ricci Nina Body Lotion for Women 200 ml
Body Lotion for Women 200 ml

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Fragrance description Nina Ricci Nina

The Nina Ricci Nina body lotion is a perfect complement to the fragrance from the range with the same name. The lotion nourishes your skin and gives it the hydration it needs. With regular use, your skin will be velvety smooth and irresistibly soft.

About the brand Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci fragrance | Nina Ricci fashion house was founded in 1932 in Paris. Its owner, Maria Nina Ricci, was an Italian from an old and esteemed family who had been obsessed with haute couture since her teenage years. She co-created the brand with her son, Robert Ricci. The philosophy of Nina Ricci brand includes ideas of elegance, romance and femininity, qualities which were later epitomised in Nina Ricci fragrances and accessories. To this day, the brand’s perfumes are still very popular among customers, the chief among its classics being L’Air du Temps. Other beloved Nina Ricci perfumes include Nina L’Elixir or Love in Paris.

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