Notino Beauty Box cosmetic set for a moisturised body

Notino Beauty Box cosmetic set for a moisturised body
Notino Beauty Box cosmetic set for a moisturised body
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cosmetic set for a moisturised body

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Moisturizing Shower Gel 250 ml + Nourishing Body Cream 200 ml + Fizzy Bath Bombs 3 pc

Thursday 28/01/2021
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Thursday 28/01/2021

Product description Notino Beauty Box

Pamper your entire body and make some time for self-care. Notino Beauty Box for Moisturised body cosmetic set will give your skin all the necessary hydration and help you enjoy a nice pampering ritual. Moisturising shower gel, bath bombs and the nourishing SpiriTime Fruity Time body cream in a gift packaging will be amazing for you as well as your loved ones.

This cosmetic set includes:

SpiriTime hydrating shower gel gently cleans and hydrates the skin of your entire body. Its fresh fruity scent is perfect for summer.

SpiriTime bath bombs will turn your bath time into a nice and relaxing ritual.

SpiriTime Fruity Time nourishing body cream will leave your skin soft and supple. The cream has a very delicate texture which goes on and absorbs like a dream, and you’ll appreciate its lovely fruity aroma, especially in summer.


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all skin types
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Gift Set

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