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Oral B Pro-Expert Stages Cars

Toothpaste for Children

Oral B Pro-Expert Stages Cars Toothpaste for Children
Oral B Pro-Expert Stages Cars Toothpaste for Children
Oral B Pro-Expert Stages Cars Toothpaste for Children
75 ml

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Monday, 8/20/2018
A gift for you
A gift for you
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Product description Oral B Pro-Expert Stages Cars

The Oral B Pro-Expert Stages Cars toothpaste cleans children’s teeth perfectly and keeps them healthy and white.


  • removes plaque
  • guaranteed to be gentle on tooth enamel
  • tastes pleasant

How to use:
It is advisable to use the toothpaste at least twice a day, in the morning and evening, or after every meal. Apply the toothpaste to the toothbrush and clean the teeth using gentle circular movements. After use, rinse the mouth thoroughly.

About the brand Oral B

Oral-B Cosmetics | The creator of the first toothbrush with soft and rounded filaments is also the founder of the world famous brand Oral-B. This was the Californian dentist Robert Huston, with Oral-B dating back to 1950. The Oral-B toothbrush travelled a long way in 1969. Neil Armstrong used one before the historical event of being the first man on the moon. Since 2006, Oral-B has been part of the multinational group Procter & Gamble. Nowadays, Oral-B is primarily about manual and electric toothbrushes for children and adults, interdental products such as dental floss, and electric water flossers. Oral-B toothbrushes are the brand most widely used by dentists worldwide.
Why has Oral-B become synonymous with quality dental care? Oral-B products are known for their superior quality, which, when used correctly, brings luxurious comfort and superior care for your teeth and mouth. If you want to have teeth without decay, healthy gums, and a feeling of true cleanness and freshness, then you should rely on a reputable and proven brand. Your toothbrush and dental floss are the best helpers for a beautiful and healthy smile. Manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes by Oral-B are all very popular, and remove plaque from your teeth effectively.
The mission of Oral-B is to motivate users to acquire better habits when it comes to dental hygiene. Over 60 clinical studies have confirmed that Oral-B toothbrushes are safe and gentle on the gums. Thanks to the sophisticated use of medium or extra-soft filaments, rounded using special technology, Oral-B toothbrushes are not just gentle but also massage the gums, which has a beneficial effect.
The first patent for a toothbrush as we know it today was recorded in the USA in 1857. From 1938, nylon filament was used to produce brushes. The problem with that was excessive hardness, so in 1950 came the time of Robert Huston and Oral-B, as the first to use soft nylon filaments that were rounded, soon becoming a global phenomenon and a market leader. If you were wondering when the first electric toothbrush was produced, that was in 1939 in Switzerland. Rotating heads were added in 1987.