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Teeth whitening powder
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Don’t hide your beautiful smile! Teeth-whitening powder will make your teeth look bright so you have a reason to laugh again.

A whitening powder is one of the many effective methods of home teeth whitening. This special powder works in a similar way to a teeth-whitening toothpaste – however, it doesn’t include the bonding ingredients you’ll find in a toothpaste.

Why Use a Teeth-Whitening Powder?

  • It removes hyperpigmentation caused by age, smoking, or drinking coffee and red wine.
  • It protects from tooth decay.
  • It promotes the remineralisation of tooth enamel.
  • It polishes your teeth and removes impurities and deposits.
  • It has a pleasant flavour and refreshes your breath.

Who Can Use a Teeth-Whitening Powder?

Teeth-whitening powders can be used by people with natural teeth. If your teeth are partially reconstructed or you have veneers and untreated tooth decay, consult your dentist about using this type of product.

How to Use Teeth-Whitening Powder:

  1. Apply the powder to a wet toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual.
  2. Don’t put too much pressure on your tooth enamel to prevent scratches.
  3. It’s recommended to use a teeth-whitening powder twice a day.
  4. Experts recommend alternating between a whitening powder and a standard toothpaste.
  5. For even better results, try charcoal powder for teeth that can be alternated with a charcoal toothpaste.

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