Orofluido Beauty Mask For All Types Of Hair

  • Orofluido Beauty Mask For All Types Of Hair

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    Description of the product Orofluido Beauty



    Cosmetic quality




    all hair types


    Orofluido Beauty Mask restores strength, beauty and a spectacular shine of your hair! A unique combination of natural oils intensely moisturizes and repairs hair. The mask contains extracts from the precious argan oil which intensely strengthens hair. Cyperus oil protects hair from unwanted effects of free radicals and linseed oil delivers radiant shine and smoothness.

    Orofluido Beauty Mask has a very pleasant fragrance which envelops your hair into a sensual scented veil. Your hair will be perfectly renewed, regenerated and smoothed after the application of the mask. Treat your hair to intensive care with the luxurious Orofluido Beauty Mask!


    • strengthens hair

    • makes hair shiny

    • leaves hair silky smooth

    • facilitates detangling


    • Argan Oil – strengthens hair and makes it silky smooth

    • Cyperus Oil – provides natural protection from free radicals, refines and smooths hair

    • Linseed Oil – makes hair shiny, smooths

    Hair type:

    Ideal for all hair types.

    How to use:

    Apply the mask evenly to shampooed hair, leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. Use 2 – 3x a week.

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