Orofluido BeautyMousse For Volume Medium Control

Orofluido Beauty Mousse For Volume Medium Control
Orofluido Beauty Mousse For Volume Medium Control
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Product description Orofluido Beauty

The Orofluido Beauty styling product gives your hair the shape and volume you desire.


  • gives volume from the roots
  • fixes hairstyle
  • a long-lasting effect you can rely on
  • keeps hair flexible

How to use:
Apply to dry hair. Style as required.


Setting, hair volume, strengthening
Active ingredients
argan oil

About the brand Orofluido

Orofluido cosmetics | Orofluido hair care is part of Revlon. The company decided to create an offshoot for its hair care products which would draw inspiration and look at proven methods for beautiful hair from ancient civilisations. Orofluido products are inspired by beauty rituals that have been preserved thanks to ancient traditions. The products contain three precious oils.  
Berber women in Morocco have taught us to protect and treat our hair with argan oil, which is a popular hair care aid today. Queen Cleopatra, which was famous for her unearthly beauty, treated her hair to nourishment using Cyperus oil, which makes hair shiny and velvety smooth. On the other hand, the ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Jews favoured linseed oil, which gave their hair a bright and eye-catching shine.
Orofluido is enriched with a luxurious fragrance from the precious essences. Juicy bergamot and intoxicating orange blossom combine to make the head note of this fragrance. The heart opens with a subtle combination of resin, pepper, and cyclamen. The base scent will carry you on waves of sweet vanilla and warm sandalwood.

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