Payot Homme Optimale Cleansing Gel For Men

  • Payot Homme Optimale Cleansing Gel For Men

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    • Payot Homme Optimale Cleansing Gel For Men (Gel Nettoyage Profond) 150 mlCleansing Gel For Men 

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      (Gel Nettoyage Profond) 150 ml
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    Description of the product Payot Homme Optimale



    Cosmetic quality




    All Skin Types




    Payot Homme Optimale is a cleansing gel for special requirements of men's skin. Thanks to its composition it purifies and detoxicates. Its exfoliating microbeads remove dirt and dead cells and deeply clean the skin.

    Payot Homme Optimale prevents problems with skin. Use regularly to regenerate your skin and make it shiny and healthy. It prevents ingrowth of hairs, and it leaves your skin fine, clean, and flexible.


    • cleans and detoxicates your skin
    • improves toning and surface of your skin
    • removes dirt and dead cells
    • prevents ingrowth of hairs


    • extract from malachite – purifying and correcting
    • extract from hematit – stimulating, firming, and oxygenating

    Type of skin:

    Suitable for all types of skin.


    Apply in the morning and evening on face and neck prior to shaving. Apply on moistened skin and create foam in circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water.

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