Philips Multigroom series MG5730/15Body Hair Trimmer

Philips Multigroom series MG5730/15 Body Hair Trimmer
Philips Multigroom series MG5730/15 Body Hair Trimmer
Body Hair Trimmer
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Product description Philips Multigroom series MG5730/15

Up to eleven possibilities with a single trimmer. The Philips Multigroom series MG5730/15 is a versatile waterproof trimmer for your entire body that allows you to style your beard and hair and even trim your nose and ear hairs.

Its DualCut maximum precision technology uses twice as many steel blades, which brush lightly against one another, sharpening themselves as they work. Thanks to this system, the blades will remain sharp even after several years of use. Moreover, the charged trimmer lasts for up to eighty minutes of continuous cordless use. This makes it an ideal choice when travelling.


  • gives you the perfect trim
  • provides comfortable hair styling
  • removes unwanted body, nose and ear hair
  • suitable for both long and short beards, goatees and stubble
  • allows you to create both soft and sharp lines


  • traditional metal trimmer
  • precision metal trimmer
  • precision shaver
  • nose and ear hair trimmer
  • adjustable beard comb (3–7 mm)
  • two stubble combs
  • three hair combs
  • one body comb
  • cleaning brush and travel case

Technical specifications:

  • self-sharpening steel blades for lifelong sharpness
  • DualCut technology – twice as many blades for maximum precision
  • trimming in two directions
  • eighty minutes of runtime with just one charge
  • fully charged in 16 hours
  • automatic voltage adjustment: 100–240 V
  • battery type: NiMH
  • non-slip rubber handle
  • 100% waterproof

How to use:
→ beard trimming: use the trimmer without a comb for trimming facial hair up to 0.5 mm or for creating precise lines around your beard, neck or sideburns. Use the beard comb to style your beard or moustache.

→ body hair trimming: use the green body combs, making sure your hair is always clean and dry. Move the comb against the direction of hair growth and use your free hand to stretch the skin.

→ Hair trimming: the full-size trimmer without a comb is suitable for cutting hair close to the skin or to outline the neckline and around the ears. Use the comb attachment for an even trim of hair longer than 0.5 mm.

→ Trimming nose and ear hair: move the tip of the trimmer gently in and out of the nose while turning it. To trim the hairs inside your ears, move the tip of the trimmer along the edge of your ear and then make gentle movements from the outer ear canal outwards.

→ Creating sharp lines and precise contours on the face: place the precise shaving head perpendicular to the skin and move it up and down with gentle pressure. Use the precision shaver to fine-tune the edges on your chin and cheeks and around your beard.

Wash the cutting unit and comb under running water after every use. Shake out the remaining water thoroughly and let all the components dry.


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About the brand Philips

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Philips & Co. was founded in 1891 in Eindhoven, Netherlands, at first aiming to produce light bulbs, growing in demand with the electrification of households.
After some time, the company began to grow and create products for other uses. These days, Philips is one of the most respected brands for their medical electronics or energy-saving light bulbs, but also for their shavers, trimmers and electric toothbrushes. Over the years, Philips has come up with many new technologies and innovations, keeping in mind that the products must always be comfortable to use and pleasant to look at. While reflecting the latest research and trends, the Philips products are simple and accessible enough for an easy use at home.
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