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Pink Elephant Boys bath foam for children
Pink Elephant Boys bath foam for children
Skin typeall skin types
Active ingredientsWith Panthenol
Fairy-tale motifFairy-tale characters

Bath time does not have to be a daunting chore for you or your children. It can be a pleasant experience providing children’s skin with the gentlest of care. Pink Elephant Boys helps wash children’s sensitive skin and clean off impurities without drying it out or irritating it. It cares for skin gently during bath time and soothes it, making the child feel comfortable.


  • has a pleasant fragrance
  • provides a feeling of comfort and calm
  • softens the skin all over your body
  • respects the natural pH of the skin
  • does not irritate the eyes

How to use:
Add to hot water and allow to foam.

Pink ElephantBoys bath foam for children

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