PradaCandy Gift Set

Prada Candy Gift Set
Prada Candy Gift Set
Gift Set

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Candy Eau de Parfum 80 ml + Perfumed Body Lotion 100 ml + miniatura Eau de Parfum 10 ml

Wednesday 26/01/2022
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Wednesday 26/01/2022

Treat yourself to a set of your favourite fragrance at a lovely price. Prada Candy fragrance gift set for women is a double delight thanks to the beautiful packaging and the free gift.


  • scented products will enhance the longevity of your fragrance
  • contains a full-size fragrance and a miniature
  • a treat for any woman

The set contains:

  • Candy Eau de Parfum 80 ml
  • Perfumed Body Lotion 100 ml
  • miniatura Eau de Parfum 10 ml


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Gift Set

The Prada fashion shows always bring something new, unexpected and revolutionary. Their collections are unique, created by combining seemingly contradictory elements with the intention to inspire a reaction – whether it’s lively and emotional or intellectual. This energy and unique approach is reflected in every Prada fragrance. 

A brilliant idea, a specific technique or an exclusive ingredient – a typical Prada perfume has all three, and yet it’s constantly being reinvented, broken down into small fractions and put together in combination with something unexpected. The process always gives birth to something unprecedented, often downright mystical. The old, familiar fragrances are rediscovered and reworked into something new and incredible.

Embark on an olfactory journey of beauty and luxury. Try the iconic Prada Candy for women or the classic Prada Luna Rossa for men and let yourself be transported into unknown realms by the magic of Prada, one of the top fashion houses in the world.