Puma Flowing Woman Shower Gel for Women

Puma Flowing Woman Shower Gel for Women
Puma Flowing Woman Shower Gel for Women
200 ml

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Description Puma Flowing Woman

Turn your daily shower or bath into a special experience you’ll be looking forward to all day. Puma Flowing Woman body wash will delight your senses and make your skin smell wonderful.


  • washes the skin and gets rid of dirt
  • makes skin feel comfortable
  • complements fragrance from the same line
  • pair with the fragrance for a wonderful gift



About the brand Puma

Brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler founded their shoe manufacturing company in 1924. Their first major success came 12 years later, when Jesse Owens won four Olympic medals at the Berlin Olympics. He was, of course, wearing shoes made by the Dassler brothers.
In 1948 Rudolf Dassler founded the Puma company. The brand was first linked with sports footwear for footballers and runners, but now you will find Puma shoes for practically any sport. Puma perfumes are the result of the long-standing partnership of Puma with the greatest athletes in the world. Puma perfumes are the perfect complement to the brand’s sporting style.

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