Revolution Skincare CicaMulti-Purpose Cream For Very Dry Skin

Revolution Skincare Cica Multi-Purpose Cream For Very Dry Skin
Revolution Skincare Cica Multi-Purpose Cream For Very Dry Skin
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Product description Revolution Skincare Cica

Revolution Skincare Cica provides the right care for your skin.


  • moisturises intensely
  • nourishes deeply
  • is absorbed quickly
  • prevents skin from drying out


  • no perfume
  • vegan product

How to use:
Apply the product to clean skin and massage in gently until completely absorbed.


Complexion type
Skin type
Sun Protection
without SPF
When to use
day and night

About the brand Revolution Skincare

„Better skin care means better makeup.“ In other words, the better you take care of your skin, the more flawless your will your makeup look. All it takes are the right Revolution Skincare products, a special line by Makeup Revolution which is known for its amazing makeup products.

Most Revolution Skincare products are vegan, which means that they are free of ingredients like beeswax and lanolin. There are comprehensive lines of products for every skin type as well as skin suffering from acne, dehydration, wrinkles, or sagging. The collection includes moisturisers, cleansing masks, skin oils, sprays, and more. we also recommend theRevolution exfoliator, which makes your skin smoother while restoring its firmness, cleaning your pores, and making your complexion radiant and youthful.

Another Revolution Skincare product worth mentioning are the CBD oils with cannabis extract. CBD oils have been becoming more popular, and for a good reason. They have fantastic nourishing effects and they can even soothe irritated skin. If you want to give your complexion the best, you also need to get a Revolution serum. They come in many different versions – from one designed to deal with large pores or fine lines to serums that help you even out your skin tone.

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