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Revuele Charcoal 3in1 3-in-1 cleansing gel with activated charcoal

RevueleCharcoal 3in1 3-in-1 cleansing gel with activated charcoal

150 ml

This item is currently unavailable | Code: RVE05474
Does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.
Does not contain sulphates.

Before you start your regular skincare routine, it is very important to prepare your skin with a thorough cleansing - without it, the following beauty care routine would not be nearly as effective. The RevueleCharcoal cleanser helps to remove all the impurities that have settled on the skin and in the pores throughout the day or overnight, leaving the skin perfectly clean and ready for any further skin treatments.


  • washes and cleans the entire face thoroughly
  • gets rid of blackheads and excess oil
  • removes dead skin cells
  • leaves skin silky soft to the touch
  • cleans pores effectively


  • vegan product

How to use:
Apply to a wet face, massage gently, then rinse carefully with water. Apply the mask in a thin layer to a cleansed face, avoiding the eye area. Leave to act for the time indicated on the packaging. Then rinse thoroughly with water.


Complexion typeall skin types
EffectsRegulation of excessive sebum, Cleansing, Anti-blackheads, Pore-minimising
When to useday and night
Does not containsulphate-free