RoC Démaquillant Extra Comfort Cleansing Water

  • RoC Démaquillant Extra Comfort Cleansing Water

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    • RoC Démaquillant Extra Comfort Cleansing Water   400 mlExtra Comfort Cleansing Water  

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    Description of the product RoC Démaquillant



    Cosmetic quality



    According to skin problems

    sensitive and allergic skin






    RoC Démaquillant micellar water perfectly cleanses remnants of make-up and all dirt even from very sensitive skin without drying it up too much. It contains efficient substances to soothe your skin and eliminate all unpleasant sensations such as tension or burning. Its formula contains no alcohol or soap and leaves your skin deeply cleansed, refreshed, and brightened up.

    Thanks to its softness it may be used also to remove make-up around eyes, as it does not irritate even very sensitive users of contact lenses. This micellar water maintains a perfect balance of skin; in the morning it brightens it up and wakens it up to become active while in the evening it removes from it all remnants of dirt without irritating it.

    Use RoC Démaquillant micellar water for sensitive skin to heal, refresh, and cleanse your skin!


    • perfectly and deeply cleanses your skin without irritating it
    • fights sensations of burning and tension
    • protects the skin from getting too dry
    • soothes your skin; has healing effects
    • excellent for removing make-up even from very sensitive eyes


    • allantion – supports healing and regenerative processes
    • panthenol – healing effects; fights ageing

    Type of skin:

    Suitable for sensitive skin and area around your eyes.


    Apply every morning and evening using a cotton tampon on your cleansed skin. Do not rinse.

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