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RYOR PuraVida Nebuď KRÁVA lip balm
RYOR PuraVida Nebuď KRÁVA lip balm
EffectsHydration, Regeneration, Nourishing
Sun Protectionwithout SPF

The delicate skin of your lips is exposed to a variety of stresses every day, from frequent contact with food to inclement weather. That’s why it deserves special care. The RYOR PuraVida Nebuď KRÁVA lip balm is an essential accessory for the everyday care of the sensitive skin on your lips all year round. It gives them everything they need to stay hydrated, soft and protected against drying out and chapping.


  • hydrates deeply and nourishes intensively
  • leaves the lips soft and gentle
  • significantly regenerates and protects
  • repairs cracked lips
  • smooths lips and lines around the lips

How to use:
Apply to the lips at any time during the day as needed.

RYORPuraVida Nebuď KRÁVA lip balm

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