Saffee Advanced Ampule – 7-day intensive treatment with curcumin

Saffee Advanced Ampule – 7-day intensive treatment with curcumin
Saffee Advanced Ampule – 7-day intensive treatment with curcumin
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Tuesday 13/04/2021
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Tuesday 13/04/2021

Description Saffee Advanced

Help your skin fight off the negative external factors that attack it every single day. Saffee Advanced CCM Ampoules 7-day intense treatment with curcumin will become your protective shield against the causes of ageing. It also works as a very effective antioxidant which leaves your skin gorgeous and youthful for a longer period of time. One week of treatment will be enough to visibly rejuvenate your face.


  • effective liposomal treatment that suppresses signs of ageing
  • eliminates wrinkles and has strong antioxidant effects
  • protects skin from the impacts of air pollution and blue light
  • restores elasticity and gives your skin the energy it needs
  • improves skin tonus, brightens and softens it
  • reduces enlarged pores by 25% and makes skin 10% smoother
    (after 4 weeks of use)

Ingredients of the CCM ampoule:

  • curcumin – plant-based polyphenol encased in a liposome with lecithin surface; this form ensures a more effective absorption and better biological availability
  • the lecithin (phosphatidylcholine) surface significantly increases your skin’s protection from the impact of air pollution compared to a product without it (as proven by research)
  • liposomal form makes the product highly effective at fighting the signs of skin ageing
  • has strong antioxidant effects which combat free radicals that negatively affect the formation of collagen fibres and their condition – this preserves the elasticity of your skin

How to add the liposomal serum to your daily skin-care ritual:
Start by shaking the glass ampoule at least 5 times and breaking off the tip using a tissue. Apply half of the contents to clean and toned skin and then follow up with your serum and/or cream. Use the first half of the ampoule in the evening and the other one in the morning, following the same process.

Notino tip:
For best results, use the serum individually without mixing it with your cream or other skin care. If you want to pamper your skin even more, get several Saffee serums and alternate between them as needed.


Complexion type
all skin types
Anti-ageing, Brightening
Type of set
Gift Set, Economy Pack
Sun Protection
without SPF
When to use
day and night

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