Saffee Advanced Coenzyme Q10 Ampoules Ampule – 3-day Starter Pack With Coenzyme Q10

Saffee Advanced Coenzyme Q10 Ampoules Ampule – 3-day Starter Pack With Coenzyme Q10
Saffee Advanced Coenzyme Q10 Ampoules Ampule – 3-day Starter Pack With Coenzyme Q10
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Tuesday 13/04/2021
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Description Saffee Advanced Coenzyme Q10 Ampoules

We know you want nothing but the best for your skin. But how do you find it? Try the Saffee Advanced Coenzyme Q10 Ampoules 3-day starter treatment! It only takes a few applications for you to notice visibly rejuvenated skin and see that this product is truly the secret to a more beautiful, youthful face.


  • set of 3 ampoules to test the effects of the serum on your skin
  • you can try the product before purchasing the full 7-day Saffee treatment
  • each ampoule with liposomal serum contains enough product for 2 subsequent applications (for night and day)
  • instantly brightens and smooths your skin
  • with an anti-ageing effect and protection from oxidative stress
  • fragrance-free


  • coenzyme Q10 – substance similar to vitamins which impacts cell metabolism; our body produces coenzyme Q10 on its own but its production decreases with age; it can slow down skin ageing caused by oxidative and photo-oxidative stress, restores skin density and elasticity, provides deep hydration, significantly eliminates signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines or uneven appearance, helps remove dark spots, dryness and uneven skin tone
  • lecithin – this serum contains its active part (phosphatidylcholine) which is used in skin serums to ensure better penetration of active ingredients, plus its non-sticky texture ensures a comfortable feel
  • vitamin E – with a strong antioxidative effect, protects from signs of premature skin ageing

How to apply:
Start by shaking the glass ampoule, then cover your fingers with a tissue, break off the tip of the ampoule and apply half of the contents to clean and toned skin. Follow up with your regular skin care. Use the first half of the ampoule in the evening and the other half in the morning.

Notino tip:
The Saffee treatment can be applied before your face cream or mixed with it. Try also the Saffee serum with hyaluronic acid or the one with A, C, E vitamins, and combine them according to the current needs of your skin.


Complexion type
sensitive, oily, all skin types, combination, dry, Wrinkles and Mature Skin
Anti-ageing, lifting, Nourishing
Type of set
Gift Set
Sun Protection
without SPF
When to use
day and night
Active ingredients
coenzyme Q10, vitamin E

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