Schmidt's Cedarwood + Juniper Natural Bar Soap

Schmidt's Cedarwood + Juniper Natural Bar Soap
Schmidt's Cedarwood + Juniper Natural Bar Soap
142 g

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Description Schmidt's Cedarwood + Juniper

Pamper your skin during washing. The Schmidt’s Cedarwood + Juniper natural bar soap contains charcoal and scrub made from volcanic sand for a thorough but gentle hygiene of your entire body.

The natural, herbal-based formula provides sufficient hydration during washing and prevents your skin from getting too dry. The provocative mix of juniper and cedarwood then gives you an irresistibly warm, woody aroma. Enjoy your luxurious cleaning ritual.


  • removes all impurities
  • hydrates skin, makes it smooth and soft
  • aromatic woody scent of cedarwood and juniper, suitable for both women and men
  • naturally saponified (not detergent-based)
  • creates a rich lather


  • charcoal powder
  • volcanic sand scrub
  • juniper berry essential oil
  • cedarwood essential oil
  • vegan product
  • free of SLS, PEG, phthalates, and artificial fragrances and colourants

How to use:
Wet the soap and use it on your skin. Lather up gently and massage your skin, then rinse off with lukewarm water.


Skin type
all skin types

About the brand Schmidt's

Interested in a healthy lifestyle? Think about your beauty routine and choose products that not only work, but also contain natural ingredients. The quality of Schmidt’s personal care products full of herbal and mineral ingredients will definitely impress you.

In 2010, the Maker Movement inspired the American Jamie Schmidt to start finding ways to create her own natural deodorant. She wanted to design a product that will not only work, but also smell great, and be safe to use for the entire family. Her efforts proved successful, and five years later the entrepreneur Michael Cammarata became interested in her business. Together, they built a globally successful brand of natural skin care.

The iconic Schmidt’s deodorant is now available in a stick or a roll-on form, as well as in a glass container. Apart from the pure natural ingredients suitable even for vegans, this product will also impress you with a range of charming fragrances. The brand’s portfolio is becoming ever larger, which means you can now also buy a Schmidt’s toothpaste or bar soap.


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