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Sean John Unforgivable Woman eau de parfum for women
Sean John Unforgivable Woman eau de parfum for women
Sean John Unforgivable Woman eau de parfum for women
Top notes
Citrus Fruit, Neroli, Fruity Notes
Middle notes
Violet, Jasmine, Rose
Base notes
Amber, Wood, Musk
Fragrance categoryaromatic

Sean John Unforgivable Woman is a highly exceptional floral fragrance. Floral notes are mixed with fresh but also warm fragrant essences. The perfume is ideal to wear all year round, it can please in any weather.

Unforgivable Woman opens with a flood of freshness. A gentle floral scent of neroli is accompanied by a scent of unrestrained fruit, especially bergamot. The heart of the perfume belongs to elegant and refined flowers. Rose, jasmine and violet essences are the most dominant. This slightly powdery floral composition is based on a warm and deep base. It consists of sensual musk, amber and warming wood notes.

Unforgivable Woman is unbelievably seductive and sexy. It is a teasing combination of gentle and brittle tenderness. The perfume is powdery and supple. At the same time, it contains pure attraction and seduction. This is a combination that no man can resist and every man longs for.

This perfume is perfect for elegant and self-confident women who have their own style. Such women have a sexy side concealed within them but primarily, they are gently and tenderly beautiful. Unforgivable Woman will also suit ambitious women who like to try what they can do and explore opportunities of the world they live in.

Unforgivable Woman is excellent to wear both throughout the day and at night. It is seductive, sexy and exceptional. The woman who wears it will be the queen of the night. However, it is also fresh and light. It is perfect for a date but it will be a perfect companion for shopping or a nice walk.

Sean JohnUnforgivable Woman eau de parfum for women

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