Get a beautiful sun-kissed tan today. A tanning glove will help you apply your favourite self-tanning product evenly and without unwanted streaks that often tend to develop when you use such products incorrectly. If you apply your fake tan the right way, the result will always be perfect.

Why Use a Self-Tanning Mitt?

  • Helps you apply your self-tanning cream evenly and without streaks or stains.
  • Protects your hands and nails from getting stained.
  • Makes thicker self-tanning products easier to apply.
  • Helps you apply the product to your body as well as your face.
  • You can also use a self-tanning mitt to apply your bronzer.

How To Apply a Self-Tanning Cream:

  1. Apply the self-tanning cream to the mitt or directly to your body.
  2. Start with your legs. Rub the cream in evenly and take care to reach every crease and curve of your body.
  3. Make sure you haven’t put the product on too thick or missed a spot.
  4. Wait until the cream dries – 15 minutes is a minimum, ideally you should wait about an hour.

Our tip: Start by shaving your legs and exfoliating your whole body. Self-tanning products go on better when your skin is free of hair and dead skin cells.

Pick a self-tanning mitt by one of the popular brands like Comodynes, St.Tropez or Vita Liberata and enjoy your natural-looking tan!