Shiseido Men Hydrate Moisturizing Emulsion

  • Shiseido Men Hydrate Moisturizing Emulsion
  • Shiseido Men Hydrate Moisturizing Emulsion 1
  • Shiseido Men Hydrate Moisturizing Emulsion 2

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    Description of the product Shiseido Men Hydrate



    Cosmetic quality



    According to skin problems



    For All Ages


    All Skin Types




    Shiseido Men luxury emulsion efficiently hydrates and protects skin after shaving. If very quickly penetrates the skin on face and immediately protects it. Apply to soothe your skin and substantially reduce its roughness. It prevents the skin from drying. It leaves your skin smooth and fresh and substantially contributes to healthy look of your face.

    This hydrating emulsion from Men cosmetic line does not clog your pores. It has a light structure with unique hydrating abilities. It contains a highly-efficient Thiotaurine antioxidant eliminating damage to your skin caused by external harmful influences. It leaves your skin perfectly hydrated. Dermatologically tested.


    • quickly soothes skin after shaving
    • prevents skin from getting damaged
    • perfectly hydrates skin
    • balances the ratio of greasiness in skin
    • significantly strengthens skin

    Type of skin:

    Shiseido Men emulsion is suitable for all types of skin.


    Apply on skin after cleaning it or shaving. Spread in soft strokes from the center to the sides. Use in the morning and evening.

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