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Snake Serum for Wrinkles

No need for injections and surgeries! Snake-venom cosmetics work fast and represent a safe, effective and painless way to erase wrinkles and rejuvenate your face.

Snake venom for wrinkles combats signs of ageing with its high concentration of enzymes, peptides and amino acids. The synthetic form of snake venom, known as SYN-AKE, was developed in Switzerland and uses the principle of muscle paralysis which stops the formation of new wrinkles. This synthetic neuropeptide is often used in cosmetic formulas.

Serums and creams with snake venom are more popular than botox, mostly because they preserve your ability to move your facial muscles.

Effects of Snake Venom in Cosmetics:

  • Smooths out facial contours.
  • Hydrates, regenerates and deeply nourishes your skin.
  • Reduces wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.
  • Helps remove signs of skin ageing.
  • Evens out skin tone.

What’s Better: A Snake-Venom Serum or Cream?

Both products have amazing effects on their own, but they bring the best results when used together. A snake-venom serum is more concentrated than a cream, making it more effective. However, the texture of a serum is not as nourishing, which is why experts recommend using also a snake-venom cream to provide nourishing and moisturising effects.

Pick up your new snake-venom serum, mask, skin cream, or snake-venom eye cream today!