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Skin79 Seoul Girl's Beauty Secret soothing sheet mask
Skin79 Seoul Girl's Beauty Secret soothing sheet mask
Complexion typesensitive, all skin types, problematic
EffectsCalming, Regeneration, Anti-redness
When to useday and night
Active ingredientshyaluronic acid, Chamomile

Skin prone to couperose has an increased tendency to become red in certain areas of the face as a result of the dilation of blood vessels. The Skin79 Seoul Girl's Beauty Secret soothing sheet mask can help resolve this. It alleviates signs of irritation, helping to reduce redness. It also promotes regeneration, improves skin elasticity and nourishes and oxygenates the skin.


  • soothes, targets problems associated with skin prone to couperose, alleviates redness
  • promotes regeneration, combats signs of irritation
  • has clarifying properties, prevents skin imperfections
  • nourishes, oxygenates the skin, increases hydration and elasticity
  • has a subtle floral fragrance, is made of soft cotton
  • adheres to the skin perfectly


  • chamomile and lavender extract – soothe and alleviate irritation
  • complex containing ginseng, aloe vera and white mulberry extracts – nourishes, oxygenates the skin, encourages regeneration and rehydration, helps slow down the ageing process
  • Extracts of Job’s tears and star anise – combat irritation, have a clarifying effect

How to apply:
Remove the Skin79 Seoul Girl's Beauty Secret soothing sheet mask from its packaging, unfold and apply it to your face after cleansing and toning. After 15 minutes, remove the mask and massage the remaining serum into the skin. The mask is disposable.

Skin79Seoul Girl's Beauty Secret soothing sheet mask

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