Smells Like SpellsNorse Magic Dellingr scented candle Wooden Wick (vivacity/recreation)

Smells Like Spells Norse Magic Dellingr scented candle Wooden Wick (vivacity/recreation)
Smells Like Spells Norse Magic Dellingr scented candle Wooden Wick (vivacity/recreation)
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Thursday 30/09/2021
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Description Smells Like Spells Norse Magic Dellingr

Clear your mind and awaken the ideas which hide inside. The Smells Like Spells Norse Magic Dellingr scented candle will help you on your journey to a brighter future. Listen to the crackling sounds of the wick, breathe in the mixture of juniper, incense, and helichrysum, and fully enjoy the affirmation ritual that the candle will guide you through. It will be almost as if the Norse god Dellingr himself manifested and materialised from the candle dedicated to his name.

According to the Norse myths, Dellingr was the god of sunrise who brought new impulses into people’s lives and had the ability to inspire creativity and fresh new ideas. Buy this candle for yourself or as a gift for a loved one and enjoy the luxurious feeling of Scandinavian hygge style.


  • scented candle inspired by Norse mythology
  • mix of aromas: incense, juniper, helichrysum
  • burning time up to 50 hours with a clean and tall flame
  • contains practical instructions for an affirmation/meditation ritual
  • organic product free of GMO and synthetic colourants, vegan
  • hand-crafted to ensure high quality and uniqueness
  • after the candle burns down, you can use the glass container as a home accessory

Magical and spiritual power of the candle:

  • clears your mind and reveals a path to extraordinary ideas
  • provides a boost of energy and vitality
  • gives you optimism


  • 100% soy wax from natural ingredients
  • wooden wick that has a pleasant crackling sound while burning
  • highly elegant cut amber glass

How to use:
After lighting the wick, don’t let the candle burn more than 4 hours at a time. However, you should always let the surface layer of the wax melt completely to ensure optimal longevity. You can trim the wick as necessary. Be extremely careful while handling the product and follow the provided safety instructions.

The innovation of 2021:
Smells Like Spells prides itself on first-class quality of its products. This is why in spring 2021 it improved the wooden knots of its candles so that they can burn nicely and for a long time. This way you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of a lit candle.


Frankincense, Juniper, Helichrysum Italicum
Character of home fragrance
herbal, fresh
Type of Wick
Number of Wicks
Type of Wax

About the brand Smells Like Spells

Let some magic into your life! Smells Like Spells are unique, hand-made scented candles and aroma diffusers which combine folk wisdom with the newest technologies and approaches of modern perfumery.

This Lithuanian brand takes care to make their product look cute and elegant, which is one of the reasons why Smells Like Spells candles and diffusers are made from purely natural materials such as wood, linen, and soy wax. These products always smell unique and fantastic, their scents created based on traditional aromatherapy and using the positive effects of herbs and spices. With their magical character, Smells Like Spells products bring a bit of enchantment into your daily life.

All Smells Like Spells candles and aroma diffusers are named after characters from Norse mythology which is traditionally connected with unique spiritual power and can help you to get what’s missing from your life – because magic is real.

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