Swissdent PureMouth Spray

Swissdent Pure Mouth Spray
Swissdent Pure Mouth Spray
9 ml

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Product description Swissdent Pure

The Swissdent Pure oral spray will become an indispensable accessory for freshening your breath quickly.


  • provides fast and intense breath freshening
  • helps keep your mouth healthy

How to use:
Use as needed

About the brand Swissdent

Swissdent cosmetics | Swissdent, the Swiss dental cosmetics, are among the most effective when it comes to tooth whitening, and are also often recommended by dentists. The products are the result of years of advanced research.  
The products contain effective natural formulae using the enzymes papain and bromelain. In combination with calcium peroxide, they then form a perfect whitening system. The toothpastes are very gentle, with a low abrasion rate. The enzymes they contain dissolve coloured pigments on the surface of the tooth. The preparations also contain peroxides, coenzyme Q10, and vitamin E. Peroxides significantly reduce discolouration, coenzyme Q10 is a suitable supplement for the treatment of gum disease, and vitamin E promotes healthy gums.

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