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T-TOMI Big Baggie travel bag
T-TOMI Big Baggie travel bag
T-TOMI Big Baggie travel bag
Practical size suitable for travel.
Travel size

Always have children's supplies or travel cosmetics for mothers at hand. Thanks to its dimensions of 23 × 28 cm, the T-TOMI Big Baggie travel bag is spacious enough and therefore suitable for longer journeys. In addition to common needs, you can also store wet swimsuits in it, and everything will also be facilitated by the practical loop and zip fastening. However, this bag does not excel only in practicality; thanks to the design fabric with a colourful print, it can also become a stylish accessory for every mother.


  • a spacious and versatile cosmetic bag that is also suitable for longer journeys
  • it is practical and stylish and made of designer fabric with a colourful print
  • it is suitable for children's needs, but also for mothers for travel cosmetics
  • it can also be used to store wet swimsuits, for example
  • with a practical loop and zip closure
  • Dimensions: 23 × 28 cm
  • made in the Czech Republic


  • 100% polyester

How to use:
Wash the T-TOMI Big Baggie in water up to 30 °C. The bag cannot be tumble-dried, bleached or dry-cleaned.

T-TOMIBig Baggie travel bag

Fern 24x28 cm
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