TannymaxxBeluga with Caviar Moisturising Cream For Body and Face

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      • Tannymaxx Beluga with Caviar Moisturising Cream For Body and Face

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        • Tannymaxx Beluga with Caviar Moisturising Cream For Body and Face (Luxury Moisturizer) 200 mlMoisturising Cream For Body and Face Clearance

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          (Luxury Moisturizer) 200 ml
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        Description of the product Tannymaxx Beluga with Caviar



        Cosmetic quality




        All Skin Types

        The Beluga Luxury Moisturizer is suitable as a moisturiser for the face as well as for the body. The moisturiser creme, treated with Caviar Extract, regenerates and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its anti-aging effect.

        The Aloe Vera contained in the moisturiser provides more moisture to the skin with over 200 vital substances and also supports cell renewal. The Jojoba Oil contained in the moisturiser creme preserves the natural softness of the skin. The preservative-free TMX HydroComplex is also a component of the moisturiser and allows the skin to breathe sufficiently. The soothing balsam scent of this creme rounds off the fine soft texture of this skin care product and is suitable for all skin parts and skin types. However, this moisturiser especially cares for the face and the body.

        The moisturiser, which is suitable for every type of skin, is ideal for daily use as a supplementary creme. The moisturiser allows tans to last longer. The moisturiser does not contain any sunscreen and does not protect against sun burns and skin damage caused by UV rays.

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