Tannymaxx Tanning Moisturizing Body Cream After Sun

  • Tannymaxx Tanning Moisturizing Body Cream After Sun

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    • Tannymaxx Tanning Moisturizing Body Cream After Sun  150 mlMoisturizing Body Cream After Sun 

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    Cosmetic quality






    All Skin Types

    Just as important as UV protection is the right skin care after sunbathing. The After Sun Moisturizer cools and nourishes suntanned and dry skin. Drying of the skin is counteracted by the moisturizing ingredients, so that the tanning result lasts longer.

    The rich aloe vera contained in the moisturiser balances moisture loss of the skin, and soothes skin redness. Coconut extract and vitamin C, which have also been integrated into the moisturiser, promote metabolism of the skin and stimulate collagen production. As a result, the After Sun Moisturizer has a regenerative and healing effect. In addition, the skin is protected against damaging environmental influences by this moisturiser. The cooling ingredient Frescolat provides a refreshing and calming effect of the After Sun Moisturiser on the dry skin after application.

    The moisturiser, which is suitable for every type of skin, is ideal for daily use as a supplementary moisturiser. As an after sun creme, it soothes the skin especially after sunbathing.

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