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Do you have some important events coming up and want to make your hair colour really striking? Professional semi-permanent hair dyes are here to help. You can make your hair colour more even and accentuate your natural shade or utterly change it and try something completely different.

A semi-permanent hair colour can also help you cover your grey hair and your roots. When you use a temporary hair dye, there’s no risk of a long-lasting unwanted or unflattering shade that would take ages to get rid of. The pigment of these products washes out easily, which means that you can start experimenting and discovering new shades and colour combinations all the time.

Types of Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Nourishing tinted hair mask, colouring shampoo or a colour spray to touch up grey roots? You have a lot of different options:

Colouring Hair Mask

Looking for a colouring and nourishing effect in a single step? A colouring hair mask is your perfect choice! This product nourishes your hair, provides shine and brings out its natural shade, plus it creates amazing colour effects – especially on blonde hair. And if you find out you’ve picked the wrong shade, don’t worry, the colour will come out after a couple of washes.

Colouring Shampoo

Colouring shampoo is a classic among temporary colouring products. Simply massage it into wet hair, wait a few minutes and rinse out. You can choose a tinted shampoo for grey hair, or go for a bright, striking colour.

Colour Spray for Hair

Spray it on, let it dry, and go. Colouring your hair with a spray-on colour is very simple. It’s perfect when you just want to add some visual interest to your hair for a special occasion and then easily wash it out. You can also buy a temporary hair colour spray that naturally covers grey hair or sparse areas on your scalp.

Hair Mascara

Cover your roots or greys quickly and effectively. Hair mascara offers a natural effect and you can easily remove it with a single wash.

Colouring Hair Mousse

Bring out your natural hair colour, cover your greys and give your hairstyle a bit of hold. Colouring hair mousse is a simple, foolproof way to give your hair the right tint.

Before Dyeing Your Hair: Sensitivity Test

Even when you’re using a semi-permanent hair dye, don’t forget to perform a test to prevent a potential allergic reaction. Always follow the instructions, apply a small amount of the mixture for instance to the skin behind your ear and wait, ideally around 48 hours.

Don’t forget the little essentials that will make the whole hair-colouring process much easier: an old towel or shirt to cover your shoulders, protective gloves (unless they’re part of the colouring kit) and any day cream or moisturiser for the skin around your hairline.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover the magic of temporary hair colour. Try for example the amazing Maria Nila colouring masks in a wide range of shades!