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Tenga Egg Wavy II Cool Edition disposable masturbator
Tenga Egg Wavy II Cool Edition disposable masturbator

The successful masturbator returns to the market in an upgraded form as the TENGA EGG Wavy II. Its stimulating structure of vertical and horizontal waves will bring you one wave of arousal after another. Orgasm is achieved by squeezing, twisting or pulling. Thanks to the extremely flexible, pleasant material, it adapts to any penis shape and size.


  • the luxury stimulating wave structure induces an intense experience
  • adapts to any penis length and diameter
  • compact, perfect for travel
  • a playful design that resembles an egg
  • easy to use

Technical specifications:

  • material: extremely flexible realistic TPE
  • lubricant included
  • packed in a handy plastic shell case
  • disposable
  • weight: 53 g

How to use:
We recommend using it together with water-based lubricants.

TengaEgg Wavy II Cool Edition disposable masturbator

6,5 cm

In stock | £4.50 / 1 pcs , incl. VAT | Minimum price £3.80
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Friday 01/03/2024
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Friday 01/03/2024