Tonino Lamborghini EssenzaBody and Hair Shower Gel for Men

Tonino Lamborghini Essenza Body and Hair Shower Gel for Men
Tonino Lamborghini Essenza Body and Hair Shower Gel for Men
400 ml

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Fragrance description Tonino Lamborghini Essenza

Turn your daily shower or bath into a special experience you’ll be looking forward to all day. Tonino Lamborghini Essenza body wash will delight your senses and make your skin smell wonderful.


  • washes the skin and gets rid of dirt
  • complements fragrance from the same line



About the brand Tonino Lamborghini

p>It was 1981 when Tonino Lamborghini designed his first watch. He drew inspiration from his professional experience in engineering and design. Tonino Lamborghini was able to successfully expand the concept of luxury into other areas that require precision technology and innovation.
Glasses, perfumes, fashion accessories, furniture, and clothing collections of the highest quality and made from the finest materials – Lamborghini manifests its creative spirit and a sixth sense for design everywhere.
Tonino Lamborghini transformed the brand into a personal style, the brand itself becoming a synonym for originality, luxury, and prestige and a reflection of the quality of Italian production. Tonino Lamborghini perfumes are bold, suitable for passionate types, imaginative, and elegant.

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