TOP 10 Niche Autumn Fragrances for Women and Men

Montale - Intense Cafe EDP - unisex - a fragrance that smells of fresh coffee? Why not? This wonderful scent by Montale combines the aroma of coffee, vanilla and rose.

Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01 EDT - unisex - a fragrance phenomenon based on one single note that will tell a different story every time it touches your skin.

Montale - Dark Purple EDP - for women - the scent of rose with subtle hints of plum. An original and long-lasting fragrance by Montale, one of the most popular niche brands.

Mancera - Aoud Café EDP - unisex - Mancera fragrances with coffee notes are some of the most popular. But what happens when you combine coffee and wood? It's autumn in a bottle!

Amouage - Interlude Men EDP - for men - characteristically complex, mysterious and warm fragrance by the premium niche brand Amouage.

Juliette Has a Gun - Lady Vengeance EDP - for women - this perfume will enchant anyone who loves a truly intense rose scent.

Penhaligon's - Artemisia EDP - for women - an intense powdery scent dominated by the notes of violet and sweet vanilla.

L'Artisan Parfumeur - Timbuktu EDT - unisex - a phenomenal composition made up from a refreshing woody aroma of vetiver and a hefty dose of incense. A unique experience!

Serge Lutens - Ambre Sultan EDP - for women - an opulent amber-based oriental for everyone who loves an attention-grabbing fragrance.

Montale - Black Aoud EDP - for men - captivating and daring combination of rose and exotic oud wood, made for anyone who's not afraid to step out into the unknown.

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