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Trudi Baby Care eau de cologne
Trudi Baby Care eau de cologne
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Do you want your baby's skin to smell like bergamot and honey after every bath? Trudi Baby Care cologne takes care of that. It refreshes the skin and envelops it in a delicate scent. It is suitable for use on children's sensitive skin as it contains a low alcohol content and as a result is neither irritating nor drying.


  • refreshing after-bath baby cologne, enveloping the skin in the scent of honey and bergamot
  • thanks to its low alcohol content, it is suitable for use on the delicate skin of children
  • does not irritate or dry out children's skin
  • pleasantly completes your child's toiletries
  • can also be used for easier detangling


  • low alcohol content
  • bergamot blossom honey

How to apply:
Gently spread the Trudi Baby Care cologne over the skin and leave to absorb. You can also use it for easier combing of the hair after a bath. Not intended for use in the bath. Cologne should not be applied to broken skin, mucous membranes or near the eyes. Store out of reach of children, in a dry environment and at room temperature.

TrudiBaby Care eau de cologne

for children 100 ml

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