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Vichy Deodorant Decreasing The Growth Of Hair

  • Vichy Deodorant Decreasing The Growth Of Hair

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    • Vichy Deodorant Decreasing The Growth Of Hair 50 mlDecreasing The Growth Of Hair 

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    Description of the product Vichy Deodorant



    Cosmetic quality



    Package type

    deo roll-on

    Skin type

    All Skin Types


    Vichy Deodorant Roll-on inhibits hair regrowth and it is gentle for all skin types, especially sensitive. The effective deodorant treats the skin after shaving, soothes irritation and provides sufficient comfort. It slows down hair regrowth and allows to space out shaving sessions.

    Vichy Deodorant Roller Anti-Hair Growth has a pleasant fragrance. It effectively reduces odours and significantly diminishes skin moisture. A gentle texture of the deodorant refines the skin texture and does not leave a greasy film.


    • fights against odours

    • reduces skin moisture

    • treats the skin after shaving

    • slows down hair regrowth

    • spaces out shaving sessions

    • does not leave a greasy film

    Skin type:

    Perfect for all skin types,

    How to use:

    Apply on the underarm area as often as needed.

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