Waks Local Ka-fe-ni-o (n)scented candle (Ouzo)

Waks Local Ka-fe-ni-o (n) scented candle (Ouzo)
Waks Local Ka-fe-ni-o (n) scented candle (Ouzo)
280 g

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Fragrance description Waks Local Ka-fe-ni-o (n)

Each Waks Local Ka-fe-ni-o (n) hand-cast scented candle in a container made with traditional methods by craftsmen in Crete is a truly unique piece – you can never find two that are identical.

The aroma of the Ke-fe-ni-o (n) candle was inspired by the traditional Greek anise spirit called ouzo, and will turn your home into the perfect place to invite your friends.


  • the candle was inspired by everyday life in Greece
  • the aroma of ouzo creates a friendly atmosphere
  • hand-cast in Athens
  • the ceramic container was made in Crete using traditional methods
  • burns evenly down to the last drop of wax


  • natural wax, cotton wick

How to use:
Always place the candle on a heat-proof surface. Don’t leave a burning candle unattended, don’t let it burn continuously for more than 4 hours, and don’t place it next to flammable materials. Keep away from children and pets.


Character of home fragrance
herbal, gourmand
Type of Wick
Type of Wax

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